The world have developed with the international economic integration trend, the demand for construction, development of industrial zones, urban areas, offices, and residence buildings also increase in many diversity and rich forms. Furthermore, accumulated experiences, qualification, capital resources, and business connections, it is an appropriate opportunity to develop. Hoang Chuong Trading - Investment - Construction Joint Stock Company have been founded from the parent company Hoang Ha Trading- Construction Manufacturing Co, Ltd   with motto: “Build Value, Create Future”.


Focusing development on two main business lines:

Trading: Providing building materials include roofing, flooring, waterproofing for industry and commercial projects.

Construction: Consulting, designing, building and supervising the quality of construction.


Hoang Chuong believes in its development in the next 10 years:

+ Building a professional construction company in the active work environment, creating opportunities for staffs to promote their ability in work.

+ Having customer and partner confidence

+ Top domestic building companies in area.


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